Light in My Darkness 

Arise & Shine

By Rachel Williams

The Light in My Darkness

Arise & Shine

What if instead of running away from our darkness, we search for the light that shines the brightest in it.

The Light in my Darkness, invite you to take a journey with the author, back through the darkest season of her life – her battle with anxiety, depression and mania. As you journey through the story, you’ll be able to identify  with her, as you reminisee over a dark season in your own life, or of someone close to you. The theme of hope, love and faith flow throughout this book and will embolden all who read it. No matter wehre you are in your spiritual walk, believe or non-believer, there is no denying the power and presence of God in this story as well as his faithfullness.

Each of us were destined to rise from the darkness and shine, as we reflect the light that was given to us. It’s time for you to embrace “The Light” that shines brightest in your darkness. It’s time to arise!

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Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams has been in love with words since the age of eight years old when she began her first ounal. Since then she has never fallen out of love with journaling, writing things down, or the collection of words coming together to share a story or give information. Throughout her life she has written poems, speeches, short stories, and songs.
The Light in My Darkness is her first published work.
Rachel has a BSN degree and workd as a critical care nurse for 15 years. Currently, she is a full time stay at home wife and mom. A few year ago, she stepped away from the nursing prfession to support her husband’s business, home school her four younger childre, and begin her career as an established writer. Rachel and her husban David have six children and live in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Another Great Read!

Great Book!!! This is another one I added to my collection. This book was hard to put down from start to end. I ended up finishing the book the day it arrived.

Waters Family

Descriptive, Page turner, Great Read

A very great read! Descriptive account of a young mans journey through life. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer B

Captivating Storyline!

I’d highly recommend this book. Great read, couldn’t put it down. Intriguing, captivating, and inspiring. Can’t wait for the next book!


“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.”

– Clarence Darrow

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